Where to Buy

Pre-ordering New Releases

There are several dealers that offer pre-order for Azone's new releases. Some require immediate payment while others charge once the item comes in stock. Most dealers do not allow cancellation and some may ban you from using their services in the future if you cancel, so consider your orders carefully.

Japanese Dealers

Other Dealers

Searching for Older Dolls

Mandarake usually has a good selection of second hand Azone items in their doll section. Condition can range from brand new to heavily used. For the most part the condition is well documented, but as the items are generally used they may sometimes come with unexpected "surprises" like tobacco smell. The prices generally reflect the upper end of the second hand market but it can be a great way to find older, rarer dolls. Items are stocked from Mandarake's several locations from across Japan and they do not offer combined shipping between stores. Ordering from separate stores will come with separate shipping charges.

  • eBay

Despite the presence of scalpers, enough patience can get you great deals and reasonable prices from other collectors.

  • Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Good selection of second hand dolls but a friend in Japan or a proxy bidding service will be required which will mean additional fees.

  • Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great place to get a deal and not to be overlooked. There are several large groups on Facebook with discussion and dolls for sale. Azone Dolls group is a great place to start.

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