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Are Azones considered BJDs?

Pure Neemo and Picco Neemo generally fall into the category of Asian fashion dolls or figures much like Licca-chan, Pullip, and Obitsu to name a few.

Azone 50 may or may not be counted as a BJD depending on who you ask and what community you join.

KIKIPOP! dolls are another gray area. They are based off of and identical in appearance to the Kinoko Juice Kiki BJD. The only difference is they are made of ABS/PVC instead of urethane resin and are not strung. Some people might call them BJDs while others may not.

What is the difference between a "DS" doll and a normal version?

"DS" stands for "Direct Store." It means the doll or product is only available for sale directly through Azone physical shops in Japan and their online web store which only ships within Japan. They may vary in color, hair style, or other small ways than the "normal" releases.

"Normal" versions are the most widely available and can be found at Azone stores and dealers. They are usually easier to get but become unavailable after they sell out.

What is the difference between Ex☆Cute and Sahra's a・la・mode?

Ex☆Cute and Sahra's a・la・mode are two different lines of Pure Neemo dolls.  They have slightly different face sculpts. You can find more information on the various Pure Neemo lines on the introduction page or the characters from each line on the character page.

All About Azone Bodies

How big are Azones?

Picco Neemo/Lil Fairy: about 15cm (1/12 scale)

Pure Neemo: about 23~26cm (1/6 scale)

KIKIPOP!: about 23cm (1/6 scale)

Azone 50/AZ02: 48~50cm (1/4~1/3 scale)

What are the different kind of Pure Neemo bodies?

Click here for a quick comparison of Pure Neemo bodies.

What are the different Pure Neemo head sculpts?

Ex Cute - 

Sahra's a la mode - 

Other - 

Do Azones have rooted hair or wigs?

Picco & Pure Neemo: Rooted hair

KIKIPOP!: Kiki wears a wig that is glued to her head. It may take some work to remove.

Azone50/AZ02: Black Raven and most Alice series dolls have rooted hair. All Iris Collect girls and almost all Happiness Clover girls have wigs like BJDs. 

Other: Many of the 50~60cm Azone anime character dolls have wigs, but some of the older releases have rooted hair.

How do I change Pure Neemo hands?

Pull gently and pop off the hands. Pure Neemo dolls have pretty stiff wrists so it usually takes a bit of effort to pull them off and pop them back in.

XS have their own size of hands that will only work on XS bodies.

S, M, and L size Pure Neemos can share the same hands.

How do I remove a Pure Neemo head?

Pure Neemo heads are very easy to remove. Taking care not to directly touch the make up on the face, gentle squeeze and pull up on the head and it should pop right off. 

How can I make a Pure Neemo hybrid?

Obitsu heads and bodies are a popular option for hybridizing with Pure Neemo. 

... more info coming soon

Can Azones stand by themselves?

Depending on the shoes, Pure and Picco Neemos can stand unsupported.  However it's a good idea to use a doll stand if you want to display them standing. Turn your back and they may take a nose dive. 

Azone 50/AZ02 dolls can stand for a little while unsupported. They have magnetic feet and stands which are great for posing barefoot or with socks, but they don't seem to work so well (or at all) with shoes.

Do Azones get stained and yellow like BJD/Dollfie Dream?

Yes, Azone50/AZ02 are prone to staining much like Dollfie Dream.

Picco Neemo and Pure Neemo have bodies that are slightly more stain resistant than Azone 50 and Dollfie Dream, but long periods of time in dark clothing can definitely leave stains. Remember to check your dolls periodically to make sure there is no color transfer.

The part most susceptible to staining on a Pure Neemo is the face, particularly the nose. Many Neemos get stained noses so make sure it's not touching anything dark and do your best to avoid directly touching the face.

You should not be afraid to display your Azone dolls, but do keep in mind that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will eventually cause a change in color (yellowing) in the plastic.


My doll has loose knees joints and can't stand or hold a pose.
What can I do?

Sometimes knee joints come loose after prolonged play. Sometimes they ship that way straight from the company.  One of the best ways to restore stiffness to the joints is to thicken them with a thin layer of something. My preferred "something" is clear nail polish because it comes with its own brush and is easy to get anywhere. 

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk! I cannot ensure how your particular varnish will react with the doll's plastic.

Step 1

Find your victim and your varnish. Remove the leg at the knee.

Azone Maya
Hatsune Maya?

Step 2

Paint around the peg. Dry for at least 24 hours. Pop back on!

Painting Pure Neemo joints
One or two layers should be enough.
Too many layers will just scrape off when you try to reassemble your doll.

How can I remove stains from my doll?

....more info coming soon

How can I style my doll's hair?

Brushes & Combs

  • Eyebrow comb/brush (my personal favorite!)
  • Unused toothbrush
  • Brushes from other similar size dolls (Monster High, etc)


Azone sells two kinds of styling products.

Styling wax can be used anywhere but is particularly useful for making the bangs/fringe look neat.

Oil mist helps tame flyaways and gives the hair a silky feel.

Azone Doll Styling Wax
Azone Doll Styling Wax
Azone Doll Oil Mist
Azone Doll Oil Mist


Where can I buy clothes/shoes for Picco Neemo
Pure Neemo, Azone 50 or KIKIPOP!?

-Amiami (new)

-Hobby Search (new)

-Mandarake (used)

-eBay (new & used)


-Facebook groups

Can Pure Neemos wear Barbie/Monster High/
Blythe/Licca/Ruruko/etc clothes?

Picco Neemos will not fit clothes from any of the dolls listed above.

Pure Neemos may be able to fit some clothes from other dolls.

  • Barbie - Generally too big and different shape than Pure Neemo
  • Monster High - Some clothes, especially ones with some slight stretch, will fit on XS Pure Neemos. Some stretchy Ever After High dresses may also fit on Pure Neemo, although they may not be able to close all the way.
  • Blythe - Blythe's body is very similar in size so some of her clothes can fit on Pure Neemo.
  • Licca - Licca has slightly broader shoulders and a smaller hip/butt than Pure Nemeo, but quite a few of her clothes and some of her shoes can fit on Pure Neemo.
  • Jenny - Jenny, like Barbie, is usually too big and too differently shaped, but some of her clothes will fit Pure Neemo.
  • Ruruko - Petworks Ruruko has a Pure Neemo XS body, so all of her clothes will fit Pure Neemo XS dolls. Depending on the outfit, it may also work on Pure Neemo S or M size dolls.

Can Azone 50 dolls wear Dollfie Dream clothes?

Azone50 dolls have much smaller proprotions than Dollfie Dream and Dollfie Dream Dynamite so most DD clothes will be much too big.

Azone 50 is closer in size to Mini Dollfie Dream and will fit better in MDD clothes and shoes. Azone 50 do have longer legs and arms than MDD so long sleeve tops and short skirts may be a bit too short.


Where can I pre-order/buy...?

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