Unoa Sist BJD
My fairy skin Unoa Sist <3

About this Site

Hinamatic was born on March 3ᴿᴰ primarily as a host for my self-developed fashion games (in progress).  It is also a home base and shop for all the original art and cute handmade fashion doll items I post on my various social media accounts.

I hope my blog and tutorials will answer many questions about doll customization, fashion, and shopping that I often receive in my private message boxes.


*Hinamatic only claims ownership of its own original designs, photography, and illustrations.

Hinamatic is not affiliated with any of the other artists or companies whose toys are photographed or referenced on this site for educational purposes.

About the Author

Name: Elena

Likes: Art, Dolls, Doggos, Sleep

Dislikes: Not enough sleep, 梅雨

Story: One day on a school trip, a friend and I stumbled into the Volks shop in Akihabara by accident while wandering around.  I was just a kid without a job, so no way I even dared to dream about getting a Super Dollfie.  However I did find and quickly buy some Obitsu parts and Azone clothes in a nearby shop. Still, it was difficult to forget about the giant, "creepy cute" yet amazingly customizable dolls.  It wasn't long before they invaded my home and I became a part of the world of Asian fashion dolls.